2016 Rally Schedule

  • Orlando Florida
  • Marshall Texas
  • Chattanooga TN
  • Wing Ding

Rally Schedule

Shipping Info

We take a Goldwing to a rally so you can get the feel of the seat on an actual wing. Get a great deal on one of our Motortrike Demo bikes!

Goldwing Trikes

BMW Seats

Harley  Seats

Goldwing Seats

Bike Solutions will be on the road a lot more in 2016. I have a new custom trailer on order and It's going to make life on the road a lot more comfortable for me, and I will be able to carry a lot more inventory for you. That being said please call and confirm my attendance if you are going specifically to get a seat. My schedule can change based on numerous factors that I have going on in my life, so last minute changes might happen.

See you at the following events:

Florida District Rally Mar 17-19
Tennessee  District April 28-30
Texas District Rally May 19-21
Reno Rendevous July 7-9
Wing Ding Sept 22-25