You did my 2018 wing seat a few weeks ago and it is so wonderful!!  Prior to your work I was not enjoying my wing at all because I love long rides and it was so uncomfortable .  Now I can ride it from sun up to sun down just stopping every 200 miles for gas and I’m grinning from ear to ear the whole time.  What a difference you made!  I can’t thank you enough.  Keep up the great work!

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I have around 2000 miles on the Wingsoft so far and it really is a huge improvement over the stock seat for me. I've been riding my local routes and I haven't even noticed the seat on those rides, which is saying a lot because the stock seat would make me want to park the bike in less than 100 miles.


Three of us just bought new 2018 GW's and we were all unhappy with our seats after a 550 mile trip to the beach so we packed them up after speaking to John about our options with Wingsoft and sent them to him in TX. John had them back even earlier than we expected so this weekend was our first chance to put some miles on them so we ran up to Chattanooga for lunch. The round trip was about 325 miles and all of us could not believe the difference John had made from the original stock seats to these. The first thing all of us did in the past upon buying a new Harley CVO was to order a new Mustang or Corbin seat so what we spent with John was very reasonable and we all were very very satisfied. Thanks John.

Well I got my Wingsoft seat and I rode 1800 miles on the Wingsoft seat. First I got to say that John at Wingsoft was very fast with the seat turn around and it was a pleasure doing business with him. He text me when he received my seat and he text me a tracking number when he shipped it back which puts your mind at ease when you send off your seat. 

I had Wingsoft large done to the rider's seat and had the passenger's seat done. The seat after the mods looks pretty much stock with no looseness or wrinkles in the seat cover after the mods. The seat foam feels to the touch much softer in the driver's seat and the passenger seat. The passenger seat now looks quite a bit thicker.

The ride comfort on the Wingsoft is so much better for me than the stock seat was. With the Wingsoft large there is a bit more room to slide back against the driver's backstop in the driver's seat. At 5'10" I felt there was plenty of room in the saddle with the Wingsoft large whereas with the stock seat I sometimes was up against the driver's backstop and wanted to slide back a bit. I was able to ride in comfort on a 12 hour day with 425 miles the first day down the Blue Ridge and I was comfortable every day of my trip. I still used my seat beads at times on my trip to break up the pressure points on my butt from time to time to stay comfortable over a long day in the saddle like I did with my old wings seat, but the Wingsoft seat was far superior over the stock seat for me and I was comfortable even on the longs days in the saddle on my trip. Everybody is different with seat comfort, but if you are like me and the stock seat hurts you before 100 miles then the Wingsoft seat just might be the ticket for more comfort for you too.

I also bought a leather sheepskin from Alaska Leather to try before I did the Wingsoft. Although the sheepskin is well made and looks nice, I really didn't feel much improvement with the sheepskin and my butt still hurt sitting on the sheepskin with the stock seat. I felt much more comfort from the seat beads.... so... I don't recommend spending the 80 plus dollars on the sheepskin from Alaska Leather if the stock seat is uncomfortable for you. I wish I would had put that 80 dollars into the Wingsoft seat instead. I feel the sheepskin was a waste of money for me.

John at Bike Solutions did his magic on my seat. Results are a softer seat. I like it better

Just got my seat back from John @ Bike Solutions (had him do the driver's seat, large mod) and he knocked it out of the park! I haven't taken it for a long ride, but my initial thoughts are it is going to be 1,000 times better than the stock seat.

So I rode down to Bike Solutions today and had my seat done 389 miles each way. I used a quality seat cushion on the way down and still had to stop every 75 to 90 miles and take the pressure off. It took me almost 8 hours to get there. ( yea I left at midnight) John is a super guy and does a very good job of listening to you and explaining what he can do. We went ahead and did the full monte (Rider and Passenger seating area and passenger backrest. He moved the rider seating area back as far as he could. I was back on the road 2 hrs later and absolutely love what he did to the seat. When I left his place the first stop for gas was 220 miles later never done that before. I was able to ride the entire 389 miles home with only that one stop. Please keep in mind that I did a miserable 389 miles just 2 hours prior to going to his place. so the bum was already a little tender. So This seat mod works really well for me and I would highly recommend John to anyone who is having issues with the stock seat.

This is my first post, been a member for sometime and enjoy reading all the posts. Just wanted to comment on the seat comfort of the 2018 after 3500 miles. My wife and I both notice the firmness of the stock seat and don't find it as comfortable as our 2012, with no upgrade. Fred was kind enough to let me try the Wingsoft seat he has. In our opinion the Wingsoft mod is much more comfortable. My wife notice an immediate difference for the good. I did have the seat on my 2008 wing modified as well and we enjoyed that comfort for 4 years. As others have commented it's all a matter individuals comfort zone.
I am taking my seat next week to John for his modification. That's my 2 cents.


We did an 11 hour day, two-up on it today. My wife LOVES it and gave it an A+ rating. I also really like the modifications to the riders section, it no longer hurts my tail bone where the slope section used to push on it, and the seat has more give to it. I can feel it compress on bumps and act more like an integral part of the suspension. 

 I just received my Wing Soft seat back from John, and I have to say he was FAST! and easy to work with 

The seat has absolutely transformed the bike for me and my wife. We couldn't be happier!!! We went ahead and did the passenger backrest too, since we were already shipping everything else, and she was amazed the difference that made as well. It was something she didn't know she needed until she had it. She says that the backrest now meets her back from the bottom to the top, and not just in one spot in the middle of her back.

The real test was "can we sit on beads?" Normally during the summer we both like the beads, they keep the air circulating under us, and keep us from having soaked pants when we get off the bike for lunch. On the old seat this was impossible. It was like sitting on rocks on concrete. Unpleasant. Thats no longer a problem, the seat is now soft and compliant and the beads work as they should without pressure points or pain. The best part is that the seat looks like stock. Unless you know exactly what to look for you'd never know it was modified. Plus, it keeps the stock seat heater equipment, which was important to us. 

Thanks John! You made us extremely happy!! 


I rode from Tennessee to College Station last Sunday with a Monday appointment with John at Wingsoft.
The 958 mile ride on Sunday was brutal but I made it with the help of beads and an Airhawk. On Monday I rode almost 700 miles on the Wingsoft modified seat. My riding distance was at least doubled before any discomfort. The air temp was between 94 and 103 all day which really adds to the discomfort. I'm ready for cooler weather. I think Wingsoft is a good value.

John, I am very pleased with the seat. If I had 4 thumbs I would give it 4 thumbs up. I have never been able to ride more than 75-80 miles before stopping and getting off the bike. Today when U left your place the first stop was Denton 220 miles amazing.  It took me 9 stops for relief coming down there and only one  for gas going home. The gas tank and bladder gave up before the butt did. Very good product and exceptional service thank you very much