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We take a Goldwing to a rally so you can get the feel of the seat on an actual wing. Get a great deal on one of our Motortrike Demo bikes!

Goldwing Trikes

Goldwing Seats

Options Available:
Utopia Reinstall $29.00
(If you would like your existing Utopia backrest modified and reinstalled in the WingSoft Large)
Purchase a Utopia Backrest $199.00
Add WingSoft Seat Heaters to the Driver Seat $149.00
Add WingSoft Seat Heaters to the Passenger Seat & Passenger Backrest $189.00
Add WingSoft Seat Heaters to the Driver Seat, Passenger Seat & Passenger Backrest $299.00

WingSoft Large Price List:
WingSoft Large Driver Seat $369.00
WingSoft Large Driver & Passenger Seat $529.00
WingSoft Large Complete $589.00

Leg room wont be a problem with a WingSoft large. Even with a 36 inch inseam, your knees wont come close to the fairing.

WingSoft Large adds an additional 2 inches to the driver seat. The additional room in addition to the WingSoft seat insert makes for a very comfortable seat. We remove the drivers backrest on the stock seat and then have the stock vinyl re-sewn by a professional custom upholstery shop to make sure the final product looks just as good as the stock seat.

Wingsoft Large