Options Available:
Utopia Reinstall $24.00
(If you would like your existing Utopia backrest modified and reinstalled in the WingSoft Large)
Purchase a Utopia Backrest $199.00
Add WingSoft Seat Heaters to the Driver Seat $149.00
Add WingSoft Seat Heaters to the Passenger Seat & Passenger Backrest $189.00
Add WingSoft Seat Heaters to the Driver Seat, Passenger Seat & Passenger Backrest $299.00

Every rider has different tastes and preferences when it comes to seating, so  Bike Solutions offers demo rides on the WingSoft seat! Check out the Bike Solutions rally schedule for events where we will be offering free demo rides. 
WingSoft 1800 Price List:
WingSoft for the Driver $269.00
WingSoft for the Passenger Seat $269.00
WingSoft for the Passenger Seat & Backrest $339.00
WingSoft for the Passenger Backrest $99.00
WingSoft for the Driver & Passenger Seats $429.00
WingSoft Complete $489.00
The factory seat foam is flat as a board, and almost as hard. WingSoft, uses almost twice as much material as the factory. Using thicker softer material allows you to compress into the seat. Our unique design allows you to sit deeper in the rear of the seat thus transferring the weight off your tailbone area and shifting the support slightly forward to where it is needed. 

WingSoft is a replacement center section for your factory seat. WingSoft is contoured in a way that will allow a more comfortable seating position, while allowing your tailbone to sink into the seat material. 

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We take a Goldwing to a rally so you can get the feel of the seat on an actual wing. Get a great deal on one of our Motortrike Demo bikes!

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