​In order to provide better service and options for return shipping, I am offering UPS return shipping at a cost of $40.00

Here is the difference between UPS and Postal.

Since I pay return shipping I use the least expensive option of US Mail. If a package gets lost, the post office has 14 days before they will it consider is missing and start looking for it.  I can say that I have had 99 percent great service from the post office. I have had one issue where a seat did take a couple weeks to deliver which is why I am offering the UPS option. My cost for UPS can be almost twice the cost of postal which why I am charging to cover my additional costs.  I will say that in almost every case, UPS is faster.

In the end its your call on how you would like your seat returned. Check the UPS shipping option on the order form and I will send it UPS. the default option will be USPS.