WingSoft Small retains the factory lines and appearance of the standard WingSoft seat. As you can see from the pictures above, the sides of the WingSoft Small seat are lowered by one inch. This modification allows your legs to extend further and get more of your foot on the ground.

Wingsoft Small

The WingSoft Small is designed for those who not only want a comfortable seat, but also better footing when the bike is stopped. While other custom seat companies lower the entire seat in order to gain better footing, WingSoft Small retains the stock seat height. We are able to gain additional footing by lowering the sides of the seat and removing excess foam that prevent your legs from extending. This process allows for the best of both worlds: a comfortable seat that doesn’t compromise visibility, and the ability to get a better foot hold on the ground.

The WingSoft Small uses the same insert as our Regular and Large seats. This guarantees you the same level of comfort that hundreds of WingSoft customers have come to enjoy.