WingSoft Large uses the same center section as our regular seat and is designed for riders at least 6 feet or taller. The Large modification moves the driver back from the stock seating position by providing relief in the drivers backrest area.

WingSoft Large for the HD Driver

WingSoft for the Passenger seat adds additional support to the center section to remove the “road shock”.

WingSoft Regular for the HD Passenger

WingSoft Regular for the HD Driver

Our WingSoft modification for the driver seat adds additional support to the center section of the seat. You will feel the additional padding and immediately notice relief from the sides of the seat as well as not feel like you are sitting
in a “hole”.

WingSoft seats are the most economical way of getting a comfortable seat for the Harley Davidson touring stock motorcycle seat. Through many miles of road testing, we discovered how to make the stock seat comfortable. By using the stock seat, we guarantee a perfect fit, at a significant cost savings. The WingSoft seat retains the stock looks, but in no way retains the stock feel.

Wingsoft Harley Davidson

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